Frequently Asked Questions


Why travel nursing?

If you're a nurse looking for more variety than a job in a nearby hospital can offer, you’ve taken the first step to see what opportunities are available for travel positions throughout the country. Traveling gives you the opportunity to live and work somewhere new without having to commit to a full-fledged move. Our positions offer flexibility, high pay, and the opportunity to experience living in many different parts of the country. If you are ready for a change, contact our office and request our application and skills checklist or download the materials online at our Application page.

What are the minimum requirements to join Quality Medical Staffing?

All it takes to get started with us is one full year of experience as an RN on a hospital floor and 2 current references from your most recent position.

Will you have the assignment I want in the area that I am looking to travel?

We work with major and minor facilities throughout the US and have all the contacts, experience and resources that are necessary to go out and locate specific jobs that other firms don’t have. While we have many listings of travel positions currently open, our staff will work for you to accommodate any specific assignment requests that you may have.

How long will it take to find and be placed at an assignment?

Depending on the location you are interested in and the demand for your specialty, it can take us between one to four weeks from your initial contact with us before you are placed on a travel assignment.

How often can I expect for my recruiter to be in touch with me?

Travelers have their own preference on maintaining and establishing a regular form of communication. Some prefer to stay in touch occasionally by email and others more frequent by phone, but your level of comfort will determine the frequency of contact between your Quality Medical Staffing representative and you.

When can I start preparing for my next assignment?

Once on assignment we recommend to start searching about 4 weeks before your current contract is scheduled to end. This allows you plenty of time to find the right position without losing the opportunity to be placed on your next assignment and it gives the facility ample notice of your availability to fill their need.

Do you reimburse for licensure?

Yes, we will reimburse you for initial licensure fees upon placement in any state that you do not currently hold a license. If you apply for licensure in a state that we do not currently have you assigned in, we ask that you hold on to the documentation so that once we do place you in that state you can be reimbursed. All that is required for reimbursement is to mail an original receipt to our office along with a completed expense report.
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